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  • Sawyer Hill Consulting Inc.

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    • About

      Sawyer Hill focuses on three business aspect Management, Products, Marketing. Above all of this our guiding focus is the customer. There are very few industries where listening to the customer is not the best course of action, but it is so often forgotten about when strategy is developed and set forth. Our goal is to bring the voice of the customer back into the board room and executive office so our clients can make business decisions based on the mutual relationship between supply and demand.

      With our knowledge and your information, we can begin to extract those insights that will allow you to make quick wins while building a long term strategic foundation of meeting the needs of the customer.

      Why we are different
      Let me step back and say this all sounds a little like a polished elevator pitch… and it would be – except the passion behind what we do is what drives this team. When the data is refined and cleaned, and all of the noise is stripped away, the voice of the customer becomes much clearer and we can start to hear what they are telling us. Or clients are first to market with ideas that come from the customer and they can spot a fad from a trend because they have identified those customers that have lead the long-term change.

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      • Jennifer Lloyd
        3824 Fourth Avenue, Suite 11
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        Phone: (619) 937-8642