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    Certified Artistic Hand Engraving. Our specialty is bottle and glass hand engraving. We also provide extensive engraving services for other materials including some metals, golf clubs, knives, gun handles, leather and wood. Book us for your next corporate event or special party! Traveling arrangements can be made. We speak Spanish fluently.


    These cute crystal ducks have the mother's and her daughters' first initial beautifully stippling engraved
    This crystal, pineapple paperweight has the recipients first initial stippled by hand engraving.
    Porcelain plates stippling hand engraved for the "46th Annual Coronation Gala of The Imperial Court de San Diego"
    Porcelain plates hand engraved for the "46th Annual Coronation Gala of the Imperial Court de San Diego"
    This bottle was hand engraved for a Real Estate agent. It has the name of the recipient as well a small caricature drawing for his bar.  The Company Logo was stippling hand engraved. This is a  more elaborated work specially when is combined with two colors.
    Perfume Gucci bottle hand engraved for a Birthday memento. What would be yours?
    This is a herb's cutter with the recipient's initials stippled into the cutting knife. Make your mementoes unforgettable by adding a special touch.
    This candle light holder was hand engraved with a drawing of a couple's hand holding onto each other. The initials were stippled for a nicer effect. It was hand engraved for a couple who likes to enjoy their glass of wine with candlelight's.
    This crystal ring holder became special when it had the name of the recipient hand engraved.
    These whisky glasses have the recipients initials hand engraved. The Globe Logo was hand engraved with some stippling effects to give it a nicer look.
    This crystal perfume bottle was hand engrave by stippling the first initial name on top of the cover and hand engraving "Hello Gorgeous" on the bottle top surface.
    Real Estate agents likes to make a memento special by giving a bottle engraved to their clients.
    A Tealight holder for a couple who enjoy wine. Their initials and design were stippled by hand engraved.
    This Crystal Dreidel was especially hand engraved for a dear friend. His initials are stippled at the bottom. "B" "A"  Bruce Abrams.
    There are three mason jars tea lights, each one has different drawings: a Christmas three made of horses, the initials for the receiver and a Holiday horse. This gift was  hand engraved for someone who horses are her hobby and passion. What is yours to make a memento unforgettable?
    This Tequila bottle was personalized for a client from a Real Estate Company, congratulating the family on their new home.
    This beautiful bottle of Agave Tequila was hand engraved on its thin metal that not only serves the purposed of decoration but holder as well.  It was personalized for an attorney as a special way to extend a form of gratitude.
    This Crystal Perfume bottle was artistic hand engraved stippling the drawing of a rose with a heart and the recipients initial on the top handle. the name is hand engraved inside the ribbon of the heart.
    This wine bottle was hand engraved for a Wedding Anniversary.  The heart and roses were hand stippled and colored gold. the rest of the hand engraving was colored silver.
    Buchana's Deluxe bottles hand engraved for a Restaurant who likes to personalize their customers bottles.
    Bottles were personalized for the client's liquor storage at a restaurant.
    Bottles were personalized for the client's liquor storage at a restaurant.
    Example of metal shots and golf club sticks hand engraved during a corporate event.
    Silver and Gold colors were used to add a more special effect to this hand engraved Birthday gift.
    Corporate event hold at the Total Combat Pain Ball.
    This Birthday bottle was hand engraved with a dedication and a balloon drawing. The number 60 was stippled hand engraved to give it a special effect.
    This is a Silver Milagro Tequila. It is a beautiful bottle on its own because it has a glass blown cactus inside. The 50th B-day drawing was engrave on the front an the greeting on the back of the bottle.

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